23 November, 2013


Read an article about Bitcoin lately... Found out that it is interesting topic to further look into it when I have time. Just to post a blog to remind myself and share with everyone. You can find more information at the link below:

20 November, 2013

Inspiration in the morning

It's 8.30am in the morning. 30mins later, I have to start working like usual. It sounds boring, but no matter what this is my daily routine for now.

So what is the inspiration of the day? Coffee Shop! I like to have some coffee in the morning lately, especially like now which is before going to work. Straight to the point, I hope I can have life like enjoying  a cup of coffee. Keywords are Relax, Flexible and Freedom.

It is boring to do the same thing everyday. Earning enough money to survive is the aim for everyone in the town. Not many people can choose to do what they like or they don't even know what they like. That is very sad.

Me? I just hope that I can have a better life after 30. I am still finding a way to achieve the three keywords that I have mentioned above.

Alright, I think I have to stop writing. It's time to work again. Good day, everyone!

09 August, 2013

September 2013

These few days are public holiday. Therefore, I have some free time to write something here. It sounds like I'm so busy. Lolx.. Not really. But anyway, I think I should update my blog since my last post was in June.

So what happened to me for the past few months? Nothing much actually. I think the major change was my job. No longer an Architect but an Assistant Project Manager now. It's still quite challenging till today. Dealing with different kind of people is the interesting job that I have discovered recently. In other words, People Skill is the success factor. Other than that, I think there are still a lot to explore. Hopefully I can adapt myself to the organization very soon.

In term of studies, I failed my mid term test for the first time. It's all because of my laziness and last minute effort. I really need to find a way to improve myself, my attitude. I need to be more discipline. It is time to re-focus to my studies. If not something bad may happen.

How about my love story? Haha... This is very interesting part. My babe and I have signed up a wedding photograph shooting package which will be in Taiwan next year!!! I am so excited. No matter what happen now, I am really looking forward to our Taiwan trip in May 2014. I am sure that would be a fantastic trip!!! :)

04 June, 2013


A night to remember forever...

03 June, 2013

I am 27

3 days after my birthday and my last working day at WDA, I am here trying to write something to record down my feeling after tuning into 27. It's kind of complicated feeling today. 24 hours ago, I was still very excited and happy for the surprise that given by my babe and family. But I am quite disappointed after that. Something beyond my control was happened. I thought that supposed to be a simple thing but it seems like getting complicated. I really don't want it to be like this. Maybe just let us cool down first.

Alright, let me write something else. 27 is not really a good number for a guy. It means that he is closer to 30. If he can achieve something when he reaches 30, that's good. But we knew that not everyone can make it. Few days later, I will be working at new company. A company that I have no idea whether suitable for me or not. I am kind of nervous, honestly. Changing from Architecture to Developer is a new experience for me. I am not sure whether my skill can be applied there or not. Sometimes I feel like whether I am creating problem to myself. I used to be a person that had good performance in the company. I quite like my job. Many people appreciate my effort. Why do I choose to leave the environment like that? It was not bad at all.

Yes, it was not bad at all. But if you think more further then it will be different. All the while, I don't think I have enough passion in Architecture especially when I am getting older.  I wouldn't deny that I still love Architecture. But love and do are two different things which I realised after few years of discovering. I couldn't stop myself from picking out any Architecture magazines although I had decided to further study in Project Management one year ago. I don't know how to describe my feeling toward Architecture. But I am sure that I never regret to choose it.

I may not able to be an Architect in the end. But I knew that I will at least have a chance to design my own house. I don't need any iconic tower in my Architecture life, a simple dream house for my own stay will be more than enough.

By the way, Why Project Management? Where can I see myself after 3 years with the new career path that I have chosen? Both are difficult to answer. Maybe I put in this way... Project Management is like a more realistic career path for me, I guess. At least I can know where I am if I put all my effort in Project Management. I can imagine myself that it can bring me to somewhere. A place that I will have comfortable life if compare with Architecture.

In order words, I have chosen a more reliable and stable career path, I believe. I don't need to worry too much that not able to contribute to my family. I can give them a better lifestyle. I let go Architecture for something more important. 10 years later I may be regret for not completing my practice in Architecture, but I am sure I will be glad for where I will be.

Three years... Let's see what can I change in my life. It will not be a short term goal but a long term goal with great desire in discovering something beyond Architecture.